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At the very out set, we the members of the 'Bandhu' welcome you to the family of Bandhu. Bandhu has completed 46 years of very successful publication and now we are entering the 47th year. By this time we have gathered a lot of experience and know what is best for students to understand, remember and reproduce. The number of members joining our family has been increasing every year. Very soon we will be reaching about One Lakh students of Karnataka. In the field of guidance to students, we are proud to declare that the students are extremely happy with our service and distinguishing themselves in a brilliant way in the examination.

Our last 10 year successes are overwhelming top score of more than 95% in aggregate creating a new bench mark for our selves. The overall success rate is also very encouraging and a new trend of schools prescribing to the study materials is very encouraging.

We are innovating new methods in making your learning faster, effective and helping you to achieve greater levels of success in life.
Mission: Our mission is to produce high quality learning resources in the form of books, magazines, assessment tools and easy learning aids for students and teachers. These learning aids, improves the success rates of learners.

Vision: Our vision is to reach to all the students of High school , through our publications, online content and assessments. We believe that this will improve the education standards of learners.