Committee Members
Prof. B.K. Chandrashekhar
Renowned educationist and former Minister of Primary Education. He is Doctorate from Oxford University. He is a visiting faculty to IIM - Bangalore and many other Universities. Presently he is MLC Govt of Karnataka.
Shri D.R.Balooragi - M.Sc.
He has dedicated his complete life towards the development of Science. He has written more than 25 Science books.
Dr.V.V. Hebballi – M.Sc., Ph.D.
He is a fond teacher of most of students at Bangalore and Belgaum. 
Shri. B.G.Umarani – M.Sc.
‘Noble Teacher ‘ award winner and written many books in Mathematics.
Shri. R.A.Siddhanti – B.Sc, B.Ed, M.Sc.
He is a renowned teacher from a K.E Boards – Dharawad.